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Jul 3, 2024 | Blog

Top Elementor Fancy Text Widgets to Upgrade Website Design

Elementor Fancy Text widget is crucial for adding creative, dynamic, and engaging content to your website. Highlight key messages, create eye-catching headlines, and add text effects with animation using the fancy text widget in Elementor Builder. This is the perfect way to get people interested in your content and motivate them to stay on your website longer.

In this post, we will mention a list of some Elementor fancy text widgets with their features that you can use to enhance the overall user experience on your website.

Before that let’s first understand where we can use Elementor’s fancy text widgets on our website.

Where Can We Use Elementor Fancy Text Widget

It up to your creativity and innovative approach

Headline and Titles: Use stylish or animated text to draw attention to your section and page headlines.

Hero Sections: Use eye-catching and dynamic wording in hero banners to immediately capture visitors’ attention.

CTAs: Use attention-grabbing text effects to draw attention to crucial CTAs and motivate readers to perform the required action.

Promotional Banners: Make eye-catching announcements and banners with creative characters to highlight updates or special deals.

Feature Highlights: Highlight the salient characteristics or advantages of your products or services by using eye-catching wording.

After learning how to use fancy text widgets, let’s start exploring them.

Best Elementor Fancy Text Widgets You Should Have

We have listed some of the popular fancy text widgets for Elementor Builder. You can try and explore their features to figure out which one best suits your needs.

1. Essential Addons Fancy Text

This fancy text widget comes from the popular creator of Elementor widgets. You can give a magnetic appeal to text and headings on different website pages. Make them eye-catching for the users and improve the webpage and content experience of your website easily.

Essential Addons Fancy Text Widget

Key Features

  • Multiple style options.
  • More than 7 animation types including zoom, swing, and fade.
  • Typing effect to provide information uniquely.
  • Styling options to personalize text how you like.

You can get this fancy text widget bundled in the Elementor Essential Addons pack that offers more than 50 free Elementor widgets.

2. Royal Addons for Elementor

This is another popular name when we talk about Elementor widgets. The fancy text widget of this Elementor Addon pack makes your headings more appealing and grabs the immediate attention of users when they land on your website. This leads to an increase in the overall spent time of users on the website.

Royal Addons Fancy Text Widget

Key Features

  • 6 free predefined styles for fancy text.
  • Animated, highlighted, and clipped styles.
  • Widget Preview to take a quick look.
  • Typing, Skew, Flip, and many other animation effects.
  • Loop option to play the animation effect continuously.
  • Separate option for prefix text and animated text.

You can get this fancy text widget packed in Royal Addons for the Elementor pack with 90+ addons. All the widgets offer basic settings in the free version and you can upgrade to the pro version to use the advanced settings.

3. WPMozo Fancy Text Widget

This is another Elementor fancy text widget to make your text content creative and engaging.  Give your desired color to the text and imbibe an image to make it more eye-catching. It leads to a better user experience and results in the growth of your business website.

WPMozo Fancy Text Widget

Key Features

  • Gradient option to color the text.
  • Background Clipping style to merge an image in the text.
  • Extensive gradient styling options.
  • Wide range of typography settings.

You can get the WPMozo Fancy Text Widget for free with the WPMozo Addons lite for Elementor plugin. You can also go with the WPMozo Addons for Elementor to enjoy all the features of this fancy text widget.

4. ElementsKit Fancy Animated Text

This is another fancy text widget for Elementor but with more effective animations to create wonderful hero sections. It helps to glue users to your web pages when they land on your website. Provide users with a sensational experience and display your website content to stand out in the competition with this Elementor fancy text widget.

ElementsKit Fancy Text Widget

Key Features

  • Text Animation style to create attractive text headings.
  • SVG Animation style to create visual elements around the text.
  • Prefix and suffix text to separate animated and unanimated text.
  • Fancy lists to add multiple text segments and display them using effects.
  • Extensive styling options.

You need to buy the pro version of the ElementsKit Addons pack to enjoy all these features of the Fancy Text Animated Widget.

5. Premium Animated Text Widget

If you want to create beautiful headlines and text content for your website, the Premium Addons Animated Text Widget gives you the freedom to create speaking text. It offers wonderful animation, effects, and styling options to craft appealing banners and highlight messages.

Premium Addons Fancy Text Widget

Key Features

  • Switch and Highlight text styles.
  • Separate Before, After, and Fancy text sections.
  • Display Multiple text sections with animations.
  • Extensive styling options. 

You can get all these features of this fancy text widget in the free version of the Premium Addons for Elementor plugin.

6. Elementor Addon Elements Animated Text Widget

This Elementor fancy text widget gives you tons of features to make headlines and text content engaging on your website. Make compelling hero sections or highlight banners on your website using this wonderful Animated Text Widget.

WPVibes Fancy Text Widget

Key Features

  • Pre-Text and Post-Text for the non-animated text.
  • Animated Text List to show multiple text sections with animated effects.
  • Wide range of typography options.
  • Advanced Cursor Control options.
  • Extensive styling options.

Animated Text Widget comes bundled with the Elementor Addon Elements pack. You need to go with the pro version to enjoy all its features.

7. Sina Extension Fancy Text Widget

This is an effective Elementor fancy text widget ready to display text content appealingly on your website. Create eye-catching headings for hero sections, promotional banners, and other similar purposes. Attract visitors to explore every page and each text section of your website with full interest.

Sina Extension Fancy Text Widget

Key Features

  • Prefix and Suffix text with fancy text.
  • Display multiple text sections using the fancy text list.
  • Inline and Block display settings.
  • More than 10 Animation types including ‘Typing’.
  • Options to use it for Headings and Paragraph tags.

You can experience all the features of Fancy Text Widget free in the Free version of Sina Extension for Elementor plugin.

Finally, we can say that all these listed fancy text widgets come with a plethora of features to make your dull website engaging and magnetic for users. If you want to add a creative touch to the headlines and text content to make the sections, messages, and banners more compelling than ever before, these widgets are a perfect solution. Pick any one of the listed based on requirements and make visitors feel interested in exploring your website.

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