WPMozo Product Carousel for WooCommerce

The WPMozo Product Carousel for WooCommerce is a free plugin that helps you display your products in an interactive slider.


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Simplify the entire product showcase trend on your WordPress block editor using this plugin. It gives the facility to

  • Organize products in columns, choose the number of products, and adjust the spacing between them.
  • To highlight the product image and information using 2 incredible layouts in a very appealing way.
  • Browse through the entire product range using its convenient navigation options.
  • Pick the products that you want to showcase on your product carousel such as top-rated or best-sellers etc.

Let us explore some of the fantastic features offered by Product Carousel for WooCommerce.

Exhibit products in up to 8 columns

The Product Carousel Plugin for WooCommerce gives you the facility to arrange several products in up to 8 columns. Select a suitable number of columns and provide a wide view of multiple products to the users with a glance at the carousel. Multiple column options in the product carousel plugin also help the users select the best product from the entire product range.

Product Slider for WooCommerce

Two layouts

The Product Carousel for WooCommerce offers two exceptional layouts to present your products to the users. The first layout is designed for a tidy look, allowing you to display your products in a clean format with add to cart button placed cleanly below the image. The second layout, on the other hand, cleanly highlights the price and displays the add to cart button on the image.

Product Carousel for WooCommerce

Wide range of shopping elements

Choose the perfect image size from the display options of this plugin to ensure your products are presented in an eye-catching way. Use the product ratings to build trust and credibility among your customers. Use the ‘Add to Cart’ button to finalize the buying process. Entice buyers by headlining discounts or promotions. Enable the sale badge option of this plugin to display heavy price cuts.

WooCommerce Carousel Plugin

Display products in categories, tags, or both

The Product Carousel for WooCommerce redefines product display with its query options. You can curate your product showcase based on a variety of view types. From highlighting top-rated to spotlighting best-sellers that catch the eye. You can also precisely determine the number of products to be displayed. Handpick products from specific categories and tune up your carousel to cater to your customers’ specific interests.

Implement autoplay, loop, and equalize slide height

The autoplay feature, allows your products to scroll through the carousel for an eye-catching display. The loop option of this plugin can move your carousel endlessly, ensuring that your visitors always have more to explore. With navigation and pagination controls, your audience can explore your products at their own pace. The Equalize Slide Height setting feature guarantees a uniform appearance, ensuring that each product receives the spotlight.

WooCommerce Carousel Slider

Optimize view on different devices

The Product Carousel for WooCommerce is designed to ensure a seamless and visually appealing experience across all devices. With its responsive settings, the product carousels adapt effortlessly to mobile and tablet screens. Whether your customers are browsing on a smartphone or a tablet, your products will shine brilliantly using this plugin.

WooCommerce Product Carousel Slider



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