WPMozo Addons for Elementor

The WPMozo Addons for Elementor plugin gives you a variety of Elementor widgets, allowing you to easily and swiftly create stunning WordPress websites with flexible design options.

$39.00 / year

Whats’s included
  • Unlimited Websites
  • 1 Year Updates
  • 1 Year Support
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20+ Widgets for Elementor in One Plugin

Addons for Elementor is a multipurpose Elementor plugin that packs up different kinds of useful Elementor widgets in a bundle. With this plugin you get the following widgets:

  1. Advanced blog
  2. Ajax search
  3. Bar counter
  4. Before after slider
  5. Content toggle
  6. Fancy heading
  7. Fancy text
  8. Flip box
  9. Floating images
  10. Image card
  11. Image hotspot
  12. Image magnifier
  13. Instagram feed
  14. Interactive image card
  15. Logo slider
  16. Masonry gallery
  17. Pricing table
  18. Product carousel
  19. Product grid
  20. Team slider
  21. Tilt image
  22. Timeline

Content Toggle Widget for Elementor

Add essential content concisely, beautifully and interactively using the WPMozo Content Toggle for Elementor. A premium, easy-to-use plugin to add text, templates and pages inside a toggle, allowing users to explore everything easily by switching between different content that only requires a single click.

Elementor Content Toggle

Masonry Gallery Widget for Elementor

WPMozo Masonry Gallery widget for Elementor allows the use of predefined galleries or add images to the gallery while creating a live gallery. Create a masonry gallery with up to 10 columns. Choose image sizes and display images with titles and captions. The lightbox and stunning overlay effects are helpful for a detailed view.

WP Masonry Gallery for Elementor

Instagram Feed Widget for Elementor

WPMozo Instagram Feed for Elementor widget boosts your social presence with Instagram Feed on your website. Display multiple posts with captions in up to 6 columns with your favorite Instagram Feed layout. Let the readers subscribe with a custom follow button using this Instagram widget for Elementor. Help users visit every post on your profile with the Link Posts option.

Add Instagram Feed to Elementor

Interactive Image Card Widget for Elementor

Incorporate images on your website interactively using the Interactive Image Card widget for Elementor. Showcase images with a sliding effect on the title and short description. Pick one out of ten layouts that work well to showcase the photos in an eye-catching way. Make changes to the content options, title, and layout to suit your design requirements.

WP Interactive Image Card for Elementor

Image Card Widget for Elementor

Image Card widget is an excellent solution for displaying images of team members, projects, or portfolios in a neat way. Feature the image with a relevant title and content using this Elementor widget on a WordPress website. Use pre-built icons from the library or upload your custom icons. Moreover, customizable buttons can also be placed on the image cards to provide more information.

WP Image card for Elementor

Before After Slider Widget for Elementor

This Elementor Before after slider widget enables you to display two images in a slider. Select a horizontal or vertical orientation to present the images with a swiping effect. Allow users to swipe the slider with a handle to view images. Additional options are also provided to swipe the slider using a hover or click action. Use the customizable labels that show up on the slider as the user hovers over them.

WP Before After Slider for Elementor

Tilt Image Widget for Elementor

The Tilt Image widget is another creative Elementor widget to display images with some crucial information and an outstanding tilt effect. Choose an image and headline it with a title, description, and customizable buttons. The advanced tilt settings let you personalize the tilt effect in your own way. Use glare and 3D effect options to make the image presentation more sensational.

WP Tilt Image for Elementor

Flip Box Widget for Elementor

Feature all the latest highlights and information interactively using the WPMozo Flip Box widget. Choose a flip or 3D cube effect with an appropriate flip direction to present photos, and other information appealingly. Use images and icons with the front and the back title. Display a button on the back side of the flip box to redirect the user to other related pages or links.

WP Flipbox for Elementor

Fancy Heading Widget for Elementor

The Fancy Heading widget is a unique option to make the headings more eye-catching. Style the entire heading in three different parts using pre-heading, heading, and post-heading attributes. Display headings in a single line or stack them one over the other for a distinct clear appearance.

WP Fancy Heading for Elementor

Fancy Text Widget for Elementor

Fancy Text widget makes the text more creative and engaging for the users. Use the gradient option and color the text content in your favorite color. The Backward Clipping option provides the feature to use an image in the text to make it look more appealing. Use the advanced options to tune up the styling of fancy text.

WP Fancy Text for Elementor

Pricing Table Widget for Elementor

Display pricing and plans on your website using the Pricing Table Widget for Elementor precisely. Display the plans with proper titles and subtitles. Use the header graphics option to depict every plan on the top of the pricing table using icons or images. Options are also available to choose a suitable image size. Adjust the pricing, and currency as per your requirements. Mention the price along with its duration or time period.

WP Pricing Table for Elementor

Ajax Search for Elementor

Add Ajax Search element to improve search functionality on your WordPress Elementor website. With the Ajax Search Elementor widget available in this pack, you can add an advanced search bar and display search results for posts, pages, taxonomies, and more in real time. Customize the search to run the query within the title, content, excerpt, taxonomy, product attributes, and SKUs. With various styling options, you can show/hide the search icon and scroll bar; display title, excerpt, featured image, and product price; add column spacing for up to 5 columns, and enable masonry for an extensive search experience for the user.

Ajax search widget for Elementor

Progress Bar Counter for Elementor

Display skills, progress on a project and anything that requires showing percentages in beautiful bars using the Elementor progress bar Widget: Bar Counters. This widget lets you display progress in Elementor in 2 different layouts: Full bar and Chunks. You can add the title to the bar with the percentage sign. Show or hide empty bars or chunks, use stripes for engagement, and apply custom color and animation. Plus, customize the title and percentage while enabling border with radius and color.

Bar counter widget for Elementor

Floating Images for Elementor

Float images in different directions with unique customization options. The Floating Image Elementor widget in this pack allows you to add images that can float left to right, up and down. Set horizontal and vertical alignment to create variation with animation delay, repeat, and even for a fixed duration. It also lets you link the image, apply background effects, and have styling options for both normal and hover states. With this Elementor widget for images, you make your attractive images even more interesting.

Floating image widget for Elementor

Image Hotspot for Elementor

If you want to create self-explanatory images with ease, don’t hesitate to use the Image Hotspot widget for Elementor. With this widget, you can add hotspots to specific areas of an image and display content on hover/click in a tooltip, making it an excellent tool for highlighting important features. The widget also offers a wide range of customization options for markers, icons, and tooltips, allowing you to tailor your images to your liking. And with pulse animation, you can make your images more dynamic and engaging. So go ahead and give it a try!

Image hotspot widget for Elementor

Image Magnifier for Elementor

Help your visitors view the details of a picture by adding a magnifier to it. Use the Image Magnifier widget and let users zoom into the image and clearly see the details if they are not easily visible. This widget enables you to make the magnifier lens big or small and even set the speed of the magnifier for how fast or slow it should appear. The perfect wait time that powers the curiosity.

Image magnifier widget for Elementor

Advanced Blog for Elementor

Improve your Elementor archive or blog pages using the Advanced Blog widget. This single Elementor blog widget provides you with 7 unique layout options for the blog. Plus, you have a bunch of customization options to enhance those layouts’ even further. You can show/hide the featured image, use different sizes for the featured image, and use custom read-more links. Likewise, there are fantastic options to help you improve your Elementor archive pages.

WPMozo Elementor advanced blog

Logo Slider for Elementor

If you want to display your clients’ logos on a slider, you can use the Logo Carousel widget available with the Addons for Elementor. It’s a simple yet advanced widget for Elementor that makes it super easy to add a rotating carousel with clients’ logos. Using this widget, you can display multiple logos supporting autoplay, on-hover pause, image border, and much more.

WPMozo Elementor logo slider

Team Slider for Elementor

Highlight your professional team’s skills using the interactive Team Slider widget. This intuitive Elementor widget lets you add your team members’ images, skills, information, and social connections to the slider and build authenticity in your customers’/users’ hearts.

WPMozo Elementor team slider

Timeline for Elementor

Showcase events or professional journeys in a beautiful vertical timeline using the Timeline widget for Elementor. Use image, title, and content with an impressive timeline progress bar that supports custom color and other styling options.

WPMozo Elementor timeline

WooCommerce Product Grid for Elementor

Using the Product Grid widget, you can enhance the presentation of your WooCommerce products on an Elementor digital website. It enables you to show products in up to 6 columns with masonry layout support. Use it for different types of products without any limit and spending more time.

WPMozo Elementor product grid

WooCommerce Product Carousel for Elementor

Improve exposure of your products and user sessions on your digital store by displaying WooCommerce products in Elementor on the slider. The product carousel widget for Elementor lets you create unique carousels that add an extra touch to your products with little to no effort.

WPMozo Elementor product carousel



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