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WP Mozo Wishlist Manager is a simple-to-use WooCommerce wishlist plugin with advanced options that allow website owners like you to implement the Add to Wishlist WooCommerce function on their digital store. Furthermore, you can utilize the different style options to enhance the function’s working and look.

  • Enable Wishlist Creation from Anywhere, including WooCommerce Cart and Checkout.
  • Add the Wishlist Button in Different Places.
  • Personalize Wishlist Button with Icon, Text, or Both.
  • Customize the button and notification text.
  • Allow Wishlist exclusively for users who are logged in.

All-in-one wishlist eCommerce plugin for WooCommerce that offers intuitive controls to display the Add to Wishlist button on the product pages and allow customers to create their wishlist easily. Using this powerful WooCommerce Wishlist plugin, you’d be able to bring the missing feature in WooCommerce without using any code. Plus, customize the button and wishlist elements with no custom CSS at all.

The plugin offers highly customizable options that make the Add to Wishlist WooCommerce function part of the website’s design scheme. In addition, enjoy frequent updates, dedicated support, and much more.

Allow customers to create wishlists from anywhere

Creating a wishlist should be easy; that’s why this WooCommerce Wishlist plugin showcases the wishlist button on product pages, shop pages, or any page on the site that includes products, for instance, product categories, tags, and more. This will help your customers explore the site as they like and add favorite products to their wishlist without opening any specific page or option.

Multiple positions for the add to wishlist button

In addition to the freedom of showcasing the wishlist button throughout the WooCommerce website, you can also decide where the button should actually be visible. The Wishlist Manager allows you to show the wishlist button on the Product Image, After Add to Cart Button, and Before Add to Cart Button. So, if you want to make a distinction on your site, this one is a compelling feature.

Use text, icon, or both – customize wishlist button content

This WooCommerce Wishlists plugin includes the option using which you can easily change the content type of the Add to Wishlist Button. You can make wishlist buttons look promising by using Text, Icon, or a combination of both: Text and Icon as their content type. And again, you don’t have to use any coding to make that possible. The controls are easy, simply select what you want to use, and you’re done – enter the text, select an icon, or enter text with the selected icon.

Allow creating multiple wishlists

What makes this plugin one of the best wishlist plugins for WooCommerce? Well, it’s possible to allow customers to create multiple wishlists according to their requirements. Whether they need a single one or multiple to save different products in different ways — your customers can do that if you let them. Simply toggle the Multiple Wishlists option to Enable, and you’re done.

Easily build wishlist page

In addition to the button for a wishlist in WooCommerce, you can create a wishlist page where users can view their wishlist products. Plus, they can switch between multiple lists and remove products they don’t want to purchase anymore. To achieve this, all you need to do is copy the wishlist page shortcode and paste it onto the page that you’re using for the wishlist page.

Use custom text for buttons and notifications

With a wishlist page, multiple lists, custom content types, and button positions, you’ve got more to manage the wishlist on your eCommerce store. You can use this WooCommerce product wishlist plugin to change the wishlist button and notification text per your liking. There’s no need to keep the default Add to Wishlist button text or Added to Wishlist notification text. Instead, you can use Save for Later, Favorites, Love This, and more.

Enable wishlist only for logged-in users

Want to provide the wishlist option to only users logged in to the website? Then, guess what? The WP Mozo Wishlist Manager includes this option that only lets users who aren’t guests create and manage their wishlists. Further, it’s a flexible option; if you later decide to allow guest users to create wishlists, you can do that. Manage your wishlist functionality the way you like it to.

Impressively customize everything

The CTA should be engaging and highly optimized to capture users’ attention and motivate them to take action. And a wishlist button also reflects the same traits. Therefore, to assist you in customizing the button and other elements, WP Mozo Wishlist Manager provides you with extensive style options. Using these, you can change the button’s background color, text color, style notifications, and more.

Go for long run with frequent updates

To stay unique and align with the new trends using your WooCommerce wishlist plugin, we release frequent updates. With them, we ensure you get the latest features, improvements to the existing ones, and fixes to the bugs or issues found along the way. So, you can rest assured that this wishlist plugin for WooCommerce is all you need.

Make the most out of your wishlists options with top-notch support

With frequent updates, what extra you need is support from the developer. While we ensure that you get an easy-to-use and bug-free plugin, we also keep in mind that customers will need assistance to use it to its fullest. Therefore, you get top-notch support from our developers and support executives. No matter what issue you face, you can reach out to us without hesitation, and we’ll try our best to fulfill your request.

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