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WPMozo Widgets for Elementor

WPMozo Widgets for Elementor offers you an array of incredible Elementor widgets that provide you with the design versatility to build superb WordPress websites quickly and easily.

11 Widgets for Elementor in One Plugin

WPMozo Widgets for Elementor is a multipurpose Elementor plugin that packs up different kinds of useful Elementor widgets in a bundle. With this Elementor plugin, you can
  • Turn the normal text and headings fancier.
  • Present normal images in a more engaging style.
  • Mention pricing and plans with clear-cut pricing tables.
  • Display your Instagram feed to boost your social presence.

Content Toggle Widget for Elementor

Add essential content concisely, beautifully and interactively using the WPMozo Content Toggle for Elementor. A premium, easy-to-use plugin to add text, templates and pages inside a toggle, allowing users to explore everything easily by switching between different content that only requires a single click.


Elementor Toggle Content

Masonry Gallery Widget for Elementor

WPMozo Masonry Gallery widget for Elementor allows the use of predefined galleries or add images to the gallery while creating a live gallery. Create a masonry gallery with up to 10 columns. Choose image sizes and display images with titles and captions. The lightbox and stunning overlay effects are helpful for a detailed view.

Showcase unlimited images in the masonry gallery


Instagram Feed Widget for Elementor

WPMozo Instagram Feed for Elementor widget boost your social presence with Instagram Feed on your website. Display multiple posts with captions in up to 6 columns with your favorite Instagram Feed layout. Let the readers subscribe with a custom follow button. Help users visit every post on your profile with the Link Posts option.


Show unlimited posts in the feed


Interactive Image Card Widget for Elementor

Incorporate images on your website interactively using the Interactive Image Card widget for Elementor. Showcase images with a sliding effect on the title and short description. Pick one out of ten layouts that work well to showcase the photos in an eye-catching way. Make changes to the content options, title, and layout to suit your design requirements.



Image Card Widget for Elementor

Image Card widget is an excellent solution for displaying images of team members, projects, or portfolios in a neat way. Feature the image with a relevant title and content using this Elementor widget on a WordPress website. Use pre-built icons from the library or upload your custom icons. Moreover, customizable buttons can also be placed on the image cards to provide more information.



Slider Content Widget for Elementor

Slider Content widget enables you to display two images in a slider. Select a horizontal or vertical orientation to present the images with a swiping effect. Allow users to swipe the slider with a handle to view images. Additional options are also provided to swipe the slider using a hover or click action. Use the customizable labels that show up on the slider as the user hovers over them.



Tilt Image Widget for Elementor

The Tilt Image widget is another creative Elementor widget to display images with some crucial information and an outstanding tilt effect. Choose an image and headline it with a title, description, and customizable buttons. The advanced tilt settings let you personalize the tilt effect in your own way. Use glare and 3D effect options to make the image presentation more sensational.



Flip Box Widget for Elementor

Feature all the latest highlights and information interactively using the WPMozo Flip Box widget. Choose a flip or 3D cube effect with an appropriate flip direction to present photos, and other information appealingly. Use images and icons with the front and the back title. Display a button on the back side of the flip box to redirect the user to other related pages or links.



Fancy Heading Widget for Elementor

The Fancy Heading widget is a unique option to make the headings more eye-catching. Style the entire heading in three different parts using pre-heading, heading, and post-heading attributes. Display headings in a single line or stack them one over the other for a distinct clear appearance.



Fancy Text Widget for Elementor

Fancy Text widget makes the text more creative and engaging for the users. Use the gradient option and color the text content in your favorite color. The Backward Clipping option provides the feature to use an image in the text to make it look more appealing. Use the advanced options to tune up the styling of fancy text.


Pricing Table Widget for Elementor

Display pricing and plans on your website using the Pricing Table Widget for Elementor precisely. Display the plans with proper titles and subtitles. Use the header graphics option to depict every plan on the top of the pricing table using icons or images. Options are also available to choose a suitable image size. Adjust the pricing, and currency as per your requirements. Mention the price along with its duration or time period.


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