WPMozo Variation Swatches for WooCommerce

Let users experience an enhanced visual of your product features.

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Product variation swatches for your WooCommerce website

Are you looking for an interactive way to display your product’s variations on your WooCommerce website? With WPMozo Variation Swatches for Woo, you can

  • Display color variations with color swatches.
  • Use the label swatches for size.
  • Showcase Image swatches to display the product variations using an image.
  • Hover tooltips with text and images.
  • Plenty of customization options.

Color swatches

Display available color variations of your product using the color swatches. These color swatches can be displayed on both the shop pages and the product pages.

WPMozo variation swatches color

Image swatches

Image swatches let you showcase the different pictures of your variable products. With Image swatches, various designs and colors of a product can be visualized easily.

WPMozo image variation swatches

Label swatches

Label swatches provide a convenient way to display text information related to a product in the form of text labels. Display size, pattern, shape, and any other similar details on both shop and product pages using label swatches.

WPMozo label variation swatches

Image and text tooltip for swatches

Tooltips provide you with an intelligent method of displaying text and images that appear upon hover. You can display tooltips on both the shop and the product page.

WPMozo image and text tooltip variation swatches

Style swatches in two shapes

Swatches can be arranged in square and round shapes. Use round shapes for color, material, and texture variations. A square shape can be preferred for size variations.

WPMozo variation swatches two shape style

Two variation layouts

Multiple swatches can be shown in a single or separate line, depending on your preference. Either inline one variation swatches with the other or stack them one over the other.

WPMozo variation swatches layouts

Position variation swatches

The swatches are normally shown before the “add to cart” button, but if necessary, you can show them after that.

WPMozo variation swatches position

Blur, cross, and hide option

Utilize the blur, hide, and cross options to disable the variation swatches. This is helpful in notifying customers about unavailable or out-of-stock products.

WPMozo variation swatches blur cross hide option

Easy to use customization panel

The customization panel of WPMozo variation swatches is very simple and easy to use. There are settings to configure swatches on the product, shop, and archive pages. A separate styling section is offered to personalize variation swatches the way you want.

WPMozo variation swatches customization panel



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