Introducing WPMozo Blog Widget for Elementor

Blog Widget for Elementor

For the Elementor builder, the Elementor Blog widget is an outstanding tool to increase the readability of your content. This plugin creates a sense of interest in the reader’s mind by engagingly showcasing all your posts. The Blog Widget has some stunning blog layouts with striking design elements that would be helpful to build beautiful archive pages showcasing all your posts.

The major thing that you can do with this plugin is that you can craft and exhibit all your blog pages and archive pages in your personalized style.

What is WPMozo Blog Widget for Elementor?

The WPMozo Blog Widget for Elementor is a plugin that will help you create a beautiful blog and archive pages on your WordPress website.

This plugin is fast and gives you an easy way to design beautiful blog pages in WordPress.


WPMozo Blog for Elementor combines features like :

  1. Prebuilt blog layouts for Elementor
  2. Support for Custom Post Types

Other features of this plugin

  1. Read time
  2. Masonry blog layouts
  3. Custom text for read more button
  4. Posts of current archive
  5. Related posts
  6. Featured image size control
  7. Control post meta visibility
  8. Ajax Pagination

Let’s explore the Blog Layouts for Elementor

The Elementor Blog widget sets a new benchmark to organize all the content in the form of archived pages using its spectacular layouts. Let’s take a quick look at these stunning Blog layouts to observe the impressive transformations which it can bring to a blogging website.

1. Grid Extended Layout

2. Box Extended Layout

Blog Widget for Elementor

3. Block Extended Layout

Blog Widget for Elementor

4. Masonry Layout

Blog Widget for Elementor

5. Full Width Layout

Blog Widget for Elementor

6. Classic Layout

Blog Widget for Elementor

7. Full Width Background Layout

Blog Widget for Elementor

Customize the layouts as per your needs

Each of these blog layouts from the Elementor Blog widget comes with a different set of layout customization options to meet up your needs. Now let’s take a quick look at some customization options that can be done using the available set of layouts in the Widget.

For the Grid Extended Layout – You can adjust the Row Gap to get a more tidy look.

Blog Widget for Elementor

For Block Extended Layout – You can set the number of Columns along with the column and row gap adjustments to accommodate the content in a neat way.

Elementor Blog Plugin

For the Masonry Layout – You can also select the suitable Masonry variant to get some fantastic designs. The number of columns and column gap is also there.

Elementor Blog Page Design

Just have a quick look on these stunning masonry variants.

Elementor Blog Widget Design

After looking at all these stunning blog layouts, let’s take a quick look over the features and styling possibilities offered by Elementor Blog widget.

Enjoy full control over the content

Query Tab

Nobody wants to waste his time in putting useless efforts in creating and managing separate archive pages for each category. 

The ‘Current Page’ option comes into play to showcase all the posts for the current page category using the your favorite layout.

The ‘Show Related Posts’ also helps the audience to display posts from the related category. Not only the posts but the pages can also be displayed on these layouts.

Use the ‘Post Count’ dropdown to select the numbers of posts you want to display on a single layout. There is a wide range of sorting options to organize the posts in the layouts.

Blog Widget Elementor

Elementor Blog widget gives you full control to display the Excerpt or content and personalize the Date format according to your needs. The option to modify the word length of the excerpt is also there.

Elements Tab

Explore tons of useful options to customize the Meta Data(including Featured Image, Categories, Author, Date, Read Time and other similar elements)

Elementor Blog Page Design

The Read Time Text and No Results Text can also be styled in your desired fashion.

Pagination Control

Two pagination settings offers you the flexibility to help the users navigate to the next pages along with convenience to change text of the ‘Load more’ button.

Elementor Blog Plugin

Style the Blog Layout elements the way you want 

Customize each element of the Blog widget layout with ease. Style the Title, Pagination, Category and Read More link in your desired fashion. From typography to colors, everything is customizable to suit up the needs of your website.

1. Styling the Post Titles is so simple

Modify each styling property of the title according to your requirements.

Elementor Blog Design

After choosing the H2 heading level, the layout would look like this

Elementor Blog Page Design

2. Style the Meta Data in your own way

Numerous color options, typography, borders, alignment and padding options for Meta Data.

Elementor Blog Widget

After applying a slight color customization in Meta Data styling, it would appear similar to this.

Elementor Blog Widget

3. Give an eye catchy style to the Category Term

Dress up the Category Term mentioned on the posts in a more attractive style.

Elementor Blog WPMozo

Modifying the text and background color would result in this design of the layout.

Elementor Blog Layout

4. Make the Read More link more engaging

Personalize the Typography, Read More link color, Border color in your own way. The link can also be transformed into a button.

Elementor Blog Layout

Enable the Read More button switch to transform the Read More link into a button

Elementor Blog Widget

5. Plenty of styling options for the Load More button

The Load More button should look striking to catch the audience’s eyes. Explore plenty of customization options to make the Load More button easily noticeable.

Elementor Blog Page

We just enabled the Custom Style option for the Load More button and performed some minor adjustments in the Text color and Background color. Look at this awesome layout design we got after that.

Blog With Elementor

After reading this article we can easily conclude that this Elementor Blog Widget is a super tool that can change the overall experience of the user for all types of blogging websites.

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